What really happened is we got screwed

Some of you may be wondering why we decided to move, but planned so poorly as to be “in-beween” locations for two weeks.  Well, that’s because we didn’t plan it at all – this was not our choice.

Five years ago when we started looking for our first location we did so with absolute transparency.  We had to make certain that we would have no issues operating a firearms business, namely because the ATF was going to call our landlords and the Town of Norwalk directly and make sure that we were allowed to operate there, otherwise we wouldn’t be approved for our Federal Firearms License.  So we cleared our business plans with everyone possible at 40 Richards Ave from every head at Regus to the owner of the building, absolutely everyone gave us the green light.  So, we moved forward, the ATF confirmed everyones approval and we operated peacefully at 40 Richards Ave, #344 for over 4 years.

A Regus work environment can be quite transient, we saw many people come and go over the years and never once had an issue – until we did.  Late last year our receptionist, who has become a good friend, let us know that a new tenant on the floor absolutely detested our type of business and had filed a complaint.  But the complaint was fabricated and quickly dismissed.  Again, we have been there for over 4 years, been very discreet, have made friends, have never caused any issues and have a great track record.  This guy was new and already lying. We later found out that any boxes we put out for recycling, he was going through to try to get something incriminating on us.  What this man lacked in dignity, he made up for in persistence.  He kept complaining, going higher and higher in the ranks of Regus management.  Finally, on April 29th we received an email from a brand new manager for the Southern CT Regus Business Centers letting us know that she had received a complaint.  Within hours we were told that they no longer felt they could allow us to operate there and gave us 60 days to leave.

At first, we were in shock.  We had just celebrated Blue Cord’s 5th Anniversary and things were going great, better than ever actually.  We just couldn’t believe that this had happened, was happening, is happening.  In the most basic terms, Blue Cord Firearms is our sole source of income.  How were we going to pay our bills, kids summer camp, groceries?  This was absolutely terrifying.

The Area Manager at Regus got wind of what happened, called to apologize for how this was handled and put us in touch with the realtors used by Regus.  She even called the realtors directly and asked that they take us on as clients.  This was an absolute god send.  Penny & Aga from Saugatuck Commercial Real Estate have been working tirelessly with us 7-days a week for the last 2 months trying to get us into a location that not only works for us, but where the landlord is ok with us selling firearms.  This process has been stressful and long, but we are getting VERY close to having a lease in hand.  Once we have a lease signed we can apply for our updated FFL, which will take at least 2 weeks.

I felt strongly that our customers deserved to know why things are unfolding like they are. I really hope that we are not inconveniencing too may people, so far everyone seems incredibly understanding and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.  Bobby and I have never been through a more challenging time as a couple, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we know the finish line is near.

Thank you for reading my emails.  Thank you for your understanding and kind words.  Thank you for being our customer!

For anyone asking the new location is in Norwalk, but Bobby won’t let me tell anyone the address until we have signed the lease.  Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!

All the best,


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