How to I obtain a pistol permit?

For Residents of Connecticut: You must first attend the NRA Basic Pistol Course taught by an NRA Certified Instructor. After which you can apply for a permit following the instructions on the State of CT Pistol Permit link below.

For Residents of New York: Gun laws and regulations vary by county. If you are in doubt you should contact your local pistol licensing department for more information.

Do I need to bring a pistol or ammo to class?

No.  We provide everything you need to complete the course.

Can I take NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Class or Utah Pistol Permit Class even if I have never shot a gun?

For the NRA Basic Pistol Class no prior shooting experience is required. For the Utah Pistol Permit Class, if you don’t have your state pistol permit our instructor, Robert Carr, will need to verify competency with a pistol.

Where does the name Blue Cord Firearms come from?

The blue cord is the symbol of an infantry soldier and is earned upon completion of an infantry recruits training. Often times the goal of earning the blue cord is a powerful motivator during the difficult training process. It is unique to the Infantry and only an Infantry Soldier is authorized to wear it. No other job in the Army has something like it.

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