What Does the Kavanaugh Appointment Mean for Gun Owners?

The saying goes, elections have consequences.  For the anti-gun liberal left that certainly rings true over the last 12 to 18 months when it comes to Supreme Court nominations.  The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was the best thing that could happen for gun owners and gun rights organizations.  With his election came the promise to appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices.  President Trump has come through on his promise.

The appointment of Justice Gorsuch and recently confirmed Justice Kavanaugh is exactly what gun rights proponents needed.  These appointments have flipped the balance of the court to a 5-4 conservative or strict constructionism interpretation of the constitution.  Meaning that the second amendment should be interpreted as it was when the constitution was written. Therefore, ensuring the right to bear arms to all citizens.

This opens the door for many opportunities to right the wrongs that have occurred since the renewed push for anti-gun legislation in the months and years after the tragedy at Sandy Hook.  Overturning the assault weapons bans that occurred in many states, as well as the universal background check legislation in states like Connecticut and New York.  The ban on so called “high capacity magazines” could also be overturned with the new make up of the court.

With National Reciprocity already passed in the House it could now be passed in the Senate and would, in all likely hood, stand up to judicial review in the Supreme Court.  This would be a big one and is the “holy grail” of pro-gun proponents.  Imagine being able practice your second amendment rights in all 50 states.  The way the founders intended it.

Remember though, elections have consequences.  Republicans must retain the majority in the Senate to pass national reciprocity.  They must also retain the majority in the House.  Don’t let the effort to confirm Kavanaugh under the worst conditions possible (created by the liberal left) go to waste.  Every vote counts.  If you aren’t registered to vote then do so now.  Become informed on the candidates at every level of government.  National campaigns matter, but so do the elections at the local and state level.

Complacency kills and, as President Obama once said, “elections matter”.

Use the link here to register to vote if you are not registered.  Deadline to register to vote in the November 2018 elections for Connecticut is by midnight October 31, 2018:



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