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This outdoor class is done for the 2021 season. Check back for our 2022 class schedule.

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Limit: 3 students per weekend

Course Description

Day 1 will focus on fundamental rifle marksmanship to include firearms knowledge (function, parts and basic rifle marksmanship).  We will zero (sight-in) both iron sights & optics.  Bobby will be taking students through United States Army Qualification Shooting and other cool stuff in preparation for Day 2 where the real action will happen.

Day 2 will start with reconfirming zero and then you’ll move on to more shoot and move style training. Demonstration and student live fire on controlled pairs, shooting while moving and incorporating controlled pairs.  Finally, shooting from cover and barricade shooting.  This is an exciting two day course that we are so excited to finally introduce.

Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy: We do not offer refunds for this course.  If you need to re-schedule there is a $75 rescheduling fee, and you can only re-book for a date that has a spot available 48 hours prior to the start of class and no sooner.  Sorry to take a tough stance on this, but with the class size being so limited we absolutely cannot have students taking one of the 5 slots, rescheduling and then taking another slot down the road unless we happen to have a slot available.

Day 1

Meet at the store for a safety brief and equipment check

Head to the Range (private property in Southbury-address will be provided at the store)

Range specifications and rules

Weapons familiarity training (disassemble / reassemble / parts of the gun / functions check)

Instruction on Ready Positions for firearm (low ready and high ready)

Instruction on Shooting Positions

Weapons Zeroing (iron sights & optics)

Weapons Qualification

Muscle Memory Training

Day 2

Meet at the store for a safety brief and equipment check

Head to the Range

Range specifications and rules

Confirm Zero

Controlled Pair Shooting

Shoot & Move Techniques (demonstration & live fire)

Barricade Shooting / Shooting from Cover

What to Bring

Lunch (there is nothing close, if you want to eat please be sure to bring food & drink)

Firearm: AR Style Only

As many magazines as you can bring (suggestion is at least 5)

At least 500 rounds of ammunition

Sling (single point or two point)

Eye & Ear Protection

Suggest: long pants, boots, sunscreen, bugspray

This will take place rain or shine (unless it’s a downpour)  “If it ain’t rainin’ you ain’t trainin’”

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