Labor Day Sale

In order to celebrate Labor Day and, let’s be honest parents – kids returning to school, we are going to run a sale on our CT/Utah Combo Course and our Utah Pistol Permit class.  If you attend a class during the month of September you will receive $25 off the regular class price.  That makes the CT/Utah Combo Class $200, normally $225 and our Utah Pistol Permit class $100, normally $125.

In addition to saving some money, taking the CT/Utah Combo Course is a great way to save  something else – time.  Taking the CT Pistol Permit Course and the Utah Pistol Permit course separately will take about 12 hours total.  By combing the classes, because many of the topics are the same, I can shave 3 to 4 hours off by teaching it in the same day. 

Getting $25 off our Utah Pistol Permit class is another great money saver.  By obtaining the Utah Pistol Permit you gain reciprocity with 33 other states, allowing you to legally carry in those states.  No other permit in the United States has that level of reciprocity.  Another advantage to taking this class is that I discuss how to get additional individual states permits.  By the time you leave class you will have gained the knowledge to get an additional 8 permits, bringing total number of POSSIBLE permits to 41.

We hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend this year and look forward to seeing you in the classroom and at the range in the month of September.


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