3D Printer Guns

The newest gun control crisis according to the anti-gun crowd is 3D Printer Guns.  The issue specifically is that the plans/directions for these types of firearms could potentially be made available for free on the internet.  The plans for these firearms are input into a 3D printer and parts are then manufactured according to the specifications taken from those plans.  The frame, and many of the internal working parts, are made from the plastic used by 3D printers.  Parts like the barrel, chamber and firing pin are metal and are purchased separately.

Over the last few weeks I have been asked a number of times about my thoughts on 3D Printer Guns.  Ultimately, I see it as a statistical non-issue.  The anti-gun crowd often sites that 35,000+ Americans are killed yearly by “gun violence”.  Total population in the United States as of the end of 2017 was 325.7 million.  That works out to be 0.00011 percent of the population are killed yearly by “gun violence”. The addition of 3D Printer Guns is not going to affect this number and make it rise significantly.  This is actually my stance on mass shootings as well.  It is the media that makes these issues out to be more significant than they really are.

3D Printer Guns is just the latest in a long line of fabricated issues relating to firearms.  Fabricated by the liberal left and anti-gun people.  Pointing out statistical evidence as I did above makes me heartless or a “gun nut”.  Pointing to the abnormal levels of shootings in the Democrat run City of Chicago makes me a racist.  Being outraged about the release on bail of  a terrorist in New Mexico, that was literally teaching children how to perform mass shootings, makes me Islam-a-phobic.  Real problems that have real solutions are ignored by anti-gunners and statistical non-issues are given too much attention.  I wrote a blog about hardening of our schools a few weeks ago.  Again, a real solution to a problem that the anti-gun crowd resists.

To me, the issue of 3D Printer Guns isn’t a significant issue and the liberal press, liberal politicians and anti-gun people have made a mountain out of a molehill.  Too much time, energy and resources are being wasted on things like this and not enough time, energy and resources are being spent on solvable issues like the murder rate in Chicago, properly dealing with a terrorist teaching kids to be school shooters and hardening our schools against mass shootings.


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