Long Gun Training Course

This course focuses on long gun familiarity and training.  You will leave this class knowing the basics of how to handle, operate and shoot a long gun safely and correctly.  The basic course includes time with a shotgun and semi-automatic rifle.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


In the Classroom:  1 hour in the classroom reviewing safety, function, parts, shooting grip and position with a shotgun and semi-automatic rifle.

On the Range:  1 hour on the range cycling through the shotgun and semi-automatic rifle.

Bring to Class:

Use of our firearms is included in the cost of the course.  Bring cash or a check for the cost of the ammunition.  The fee for range time is payable directly to the range.


Classroom Location: 1481 Southford Road, Southbury, CT 06488

Range Location: Bridgeport Shooting Range, 1918 Stratford Avenue, Bridgeport, CT


$100, plus ammo & range time.  Payment of $100 is required to reserve your spot.  Payment is transferable, not refundable.




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