Don’t let this be you!

One of the many projects Blue Cord Firearms has been working on, over the time I haven’t been blogging, is a class to teach you the legal use of firearms in a self-defense situation.  Specifically for the State of Connecticut.  Essentially, what is the legal way to use a deadly weapon in the defense of a person or a third person in Connecticut.  We launched our CT Use of Force Law class in April of this year.

Very recently there has been a case involving this exact subject here in Norwalk.  On Monday July 2, 2018 Jeffrey Sumpter, 21, of Bridgeport was convicted of 1st Degree Assault, a felony, and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.  Mr. Sumpter had stabbed one of the THREE men who had attacked and were beating him at a Norwalk Dunkin Donuts.

His sentence was mandated by law.  In Connecticut it is illegal to use deadly force against another with out attempting to retreat from the situation.  It may only be used after that retreat has been tried and has failed.  Although the Judge stated that he believed Mr. Sumpter’s version of the story he was bound by law to convict him of 1st Degree Assault.  Now Mr. Sumpter will spend the next 18 months in prison and 42 total months under the supervision of the state penal system.

If you carry a firearm in self defense in the State of Connecticut and do not know what the laws are then you could end up like Mr. Sumpter.  Not knowing what is legal to do and what is not legal to do could end up with you in jail.  There a lot of misconceptions out there on the legality of the use of deadly force.  Knowledge is power.  Take our Use of Force Laws Class for $75 and gain some knowledge.  It may keep you out of prison.

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