Custom Orders

What We Can Do For You

At Blue Cord Firearms we can order a firearm you have pre-selected or help you in finding the right firearm for your needs and price range.

Simply fill out the form below with as much information as possible.  Robert or Laurie will get back to you right away.


Requirements to Purchase Firearms

Firearms can only be acquired in-person. Buyer must have a valid Pistol Permit or a Long Gun Eligibility Certificate (long guns only).

Please check your applicable local, state and federal laws before buying any firearms. Any firearms sold to an individual outside the state of CT will be transferred to an FFL in the buyers state and at the buyers expense.

Requirements to Purchase Ammunition

Purchaser must be a CT Resident with a valid CT Driver’s License and have one of the following:
• CT Pistol Permit
• CT Ammunition Certificate
• CT Long Gun Eligibility Certificate (long gun ammunition only)

All sales are in-person, no internet sales.

No refunds or exchanges on ammunition.


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